Deck Lists

Navigate the drop down menu to view the most recent decklists from past Force of Will events.



ARG Nationals Top 4


KingCon ARG Top 8
New York State Champs 2015

Jacksonville, FL State Champs 2015

ARG Atlantic City Top 8

ARG BC Comix Top 8

ARG Indy Top 8

ARG Quest Comic Shop Top 8

Singapore Open Top 3

Italian RGP Top 8

WGP Texas Top 8

ARG Philadelphia Top 8

WGP Rhode Island Top 8
WGP Australia Top 4

WGP Illinois Top 8

WGP California Top 8
Italian NGP Top 8

ARG Syracuse, NY Top 8

Indonesia Nationals Top 8
ARG New Jersey Top 8
ARG St. Louis Top 8
Gamer’s Gauntlet “Caturday” Top 8
Baka Neko Spring 2015 Top 8


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