Card Review – Blazer Gill Rabus


The players at my local store having been going NUTS over the new ruler from The Seven Kings of the Lands: Blazer Gill Rabus. Rightly so, because this ruler brings a fantastic new twist to Force of Will play and deck building. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this card, and why I think it is going to be the chase card of the newest FOW set.

Blazer as a Color Fixer

So far building a magic stone deck has mostly consisted of determining the correct ratios of different colors. How many dual stones are enough to get the colors you need when you need them, but without over doing it and running face first into Split Heaven and Earth? Split has been a card of controversy in the community, and Blazer Gill Rabus as your ruler could very well be the answer. Now players can run two colors very safely, maybe even three.

Blazer2The downside: one of the colors you play has to be red. Luckily some of the best removal in the format is red, such as Thunder, Rapid Decay, and Flame of Outer World. And don’t worry: you can still J-activate Blazer and your stones will continue to produce red. (Check out the back side of the card here.) Just make sure he isn’t killed, because as an astral ruler Blazer does not allow your magic stones to produce fire will. If you’re not so excited about forcing yourself into playing red, don’t forget that Liberator of Wind is a great option to help with tricky magic stone decks.

As a final note on magic stones, Blazer is your new best friend in limited format. There are no dual stones in The Seven Kings of the Lands, which means your draft and sealed decks are going to be full of basic stones, and only basic stones. If you’re lucky enough to open a Blazer in your pool, strongly consider running him. A two color deck will always have the color it needs, and a three color deck is very doable since your magic stone deck in limited only needs to be 8 stones.

Blazer Against Bahamut… or Any Other Ruler

We know, we know. Bahamut, the Dragon King is the most unbalanced ruler of all time and should be banned forever. That is the perspective many players have taken since the regional qualifier in Texas, when Bahamut decks ran rampant. Lucky for us, Blazer pretty much shuts that ruler down, as well as any other ruler that is causing you hardship. (Dracula, anyone?)

blazer3When you J-activate Blazer, he disables your opponent’s ruler. This means no imperishable, no gaining imperishable with Bahamut, and no “blanking” from Abdul. Wait, wait…no blanking from Abdul? But Abdul says “enter” abilities don’t trigger. Good catch fellow player, but Blazer’s ability isn’t a true “enter”. When a card reads “enters your field” it is different than the ability “enter”. So Blazer away, and destroy your opponent’s ruler with haste! I would also recommend playing Deathscythe, the Life Reaper along side Blazer. This new regalia from Seven Kings will keep your opponent’s ruler from gaining imperishable in other ways, such as from their own Laevateinn, the Demon Sword.

How to Defeat Blazer

So now you’re probably thinking, “Wow this ruler is the best ruler of all time, he’s going to be worth a million dollars.” I’ll see your overpriced chase card, and raise you…the mirror match. Yes, turns out Blazer is not his own best friend. You cannot J-activate him unless your opponent’s ruler is J-activated first. Which means two Blazers equals a stand off.

You of course can’t bank on the mirror match if you want to beat this guy, which is where my favorite ruler comes in and finally has a great opportunity to shine in the new meta. Yes, I’m talking about Crimson Girl in the Sky. Her J-ruler side, Little Red, the True Fairy Tale, cannot be targeted by darkness or fire spells or abilities. Blazer is going to have a very difficult time handling her. He is both darkness and fire and therefore cannot target her with his destruction effect. Almost all Blazer decks are going to be locked in playing red, which means Thunder isn’t an answer, neither is Duel of Truth or Flame of the Outer World. So suit up your Tinker Bells and Fairy Tales, because Crimson Girl’s time to shine has come!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the new boy in town. Check back for more card reviews from the new set!


4 thoughts on “Card Review – Blazer Gill Rabus

  1. Since Blazer Gill Rabus causes your opponents J-ruler to lose all abilities until end of turn wouldn’t it prevent them from being able to give their ruler imperishable by sacking laevateinn?


    • Incorrect, the article was referring to bahamut’s activate ability of banishing a red resonator. Yes you can sacrafice the demon sword or excalibur after the fact before Blazer’s second effect resolves which is why the article suggested running deathscythe alonside blazer

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