Top 5 Cards in The Millennia of Ages

By Tyrone Cleveland

My name is Tyrone and today I’ll be listing the top five best cards from the most recent booster set, The Millennia of Ages. When we speak in terms of card evaluation, there are words we tend to use loosely for the sake of general understanding. But today I’m going to try and delve a little deeper in hopes that everyone reading knows what to look for when determining whether a card is good or not.

#5 – Fiethsing, the Elvish Oracle

Fiethsing,_the_Elvish_OracleAt the number 5 spot on list, I have Fiethsing, the Elvish Oracle. For 4 Will, we’re getting a 600/1000 body with quickcast and a pseudo cancel ability. As Fiethsing gains knowledge counters, she often becomes a problem against most decks as her cancel ability causes your opponent to have to awkwardly play around her. Not to mention her 1000 DEF makes her one heck of a wall for low to the ground decks to get around.
Now some may wonder why she’s at number 5 on the list if she’s so good. Well when evaluating the current state of the game, 4 will can be quite expensive. Some decks in the current meta are very fast and may take away from her power level. As far as future potential goes, I feel as though she’ll always be a card to consider. She’s already powerful as a stand-alone card, give and take a few changes to the meta and who knows, she may end up being a staple.

#4 – Dark Pulse

Dark_PulseNext on the list is, personally, my favorite card from the set: Dark Pulse. If anyone knows me, they know I love removal cards. Upon reading Dark Pulse for the first time, I immediately noted that it is an instant. Removal at instant speed is already very powerful. Potential mass removal at instant speed? You can go from being against the ropes to completely blowing your opponent out. So why is this only number 4 on my list? Well it’s similar to why Fiethsing is number 5; will cost.
The aggressive decks in the current meta are very fast and rely less on resonators and more on J-Rulers. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. But in turn, the card becomes very situational and almost unplayable against decks like Baha Blast. In all, it’s a sideboard card at best as it is powerful, but very situational.

#3 – Susanowo, the Ten Fist Sword

Susanowo,_the_Ten-Fist_SwordWe’re inching closer to number 1! But don’t move too fast, Susanowo and all of his swords want to say “HI!” But in all seriousness, Susanowo is a house all by himself. At 6 will, he is quite hefty. A 1200/1200 with swiftness, pierce and deals damage to a resonator equal to his attack power. Again, he costs a lot at 6 will, making him incredibly slow in most cases, but when staring down dragons like Bahamut, the Dragon King or Gwiber, the White Dragon, he’ll only cost 3 void will. Susanowo has the potential shape the complexity of a game with that type of power. What else can I say?

#2 – Nyarlathotep, the Usurper

Nyarlathotep,_the_UsurperOkay, so my runner up for first place was a tough one, but in the end, it had to be Nyarlathotep, the Usurper. So initially, Usurper costs 4 will (2 darkness, 2 void), but with “Incarnate” at her disposal, you can slam an 800/800 body down as early as turn 2. In addition, you get perfect information by seeing your opponent’s hand and taking their best card. Discard effects are already strong as stripping your opponent of cards before they get to use them can completely shut down their game plan. Selective discard provides additional depth as you not only take a card from their hand, but you have insight on what cards you have to play around at least for the next few turns.
The ability to advance your board state while crippling your opponent by stripping them of their resources will always be powerful strategy in any format.

#1 – Cthuga, the Living Flame

Cthugha,_the_Living_FlameFinally. We made it to the number 1 spot. It’s probably the most loved and hated card in the set, but it’s deserving of that attention from both spectrums. Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome Cthuga, the Living Flame. As we’ve seen the current meta shift to a more aggressive state recently, it was blatantly obvious which card from MOA played a pivotal role. Just like Nyarlathotep, Cthuga also incarnates, which turn his mundane 3 will, 500/500 body into basically a 0 will. 500/500 body. Not to mention Cthuga has swiftness, so being on the play with this guy in hand usually just turns into free damage. As I stated earlier, Cthuga is an important piece to our aggressive meta since it is a staple in red decks, most importantly Baha Blast. Tallying damage up before your opponent takes their first turn is incredibly powerful in every sense of the word and it can often be the difference in a lot of match-ups.

Honorable mentions are Scheherazade, the Teller of Crimson Moon, Ame-no-Habakiri and Fetal Movement in Outer World.

So what do you all think? Did I do a spot on job or did I leave something out? Be sure to share and discuss. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed.


One thought on “Top 5 Cards in The Millennia of Ages

  1. I agree completely and its good to see that someone else realizes that Cthuga is a major part of the meta change and that its not just the red regalia and bahamut and that a large part of why those cards are better is that little guy


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