Card Review – Zero, the Magus of Null

Void and Moon’s very own Ken Robert (Tober) qualified for the Force of Will Championship this past weekend at the Illinois regional qualifier. Choosing to run Liberator of Wind as his ruler seemed like an easy choice, but a card that surprised many was Zero, the Magus of Null. Let’s take a moment to discuss how this member of the Six Sages stacks up in the current meta.

Against Pandora of Dark Decks

Zero,_the_Magus_of_NullPandora, Girl of the Box has two sides that she can J-Activate into, but so far we have only seen Pandora of Dark break into the top 8 of competitive events. The top tier Pandora decks aim to gain magic stones as quickly as possible, with the potential to J-Activate as early as turn 3. The deck accomplishes this with the use of cards like Gretel and Elvish Priest. Familiar of Holy Wind is also a popular card in these decks as it provides additional card draw and a cheap destruction option for opposing resonators.

Before Pandora flips into Pandora of Dark, Zero is an excellent solution to a board state that is flooded with 200/200 resonators. She will destroy all Gretel’s and Familiar’s with ease, and weakens Elvish Priest to a 0/200. If the Pandora deck also plays Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind, you can take advantage of Zero’s quick-cast ability and cast her at instant speed into an attacking Fiethsing. This will shrink the attacker to a 300/500 rendering her susceptible to a blocking 700/500 Zero that wasn’t expected. It is also important to note that Zero’s enter effect is until the end of the turn, so any future resonators that your opponent casts that turn will also be -200/-200 and lose flying.

Lastly, Zero can be a last minute trick when Pandora of Dark finally enters the field. You are allowed to place Pandora’s enter ability on the chase and respond by quick-casting Zero from your hand. This may give you a slight advantage over your opponent who thought he or she was making you lose 5 cards in hand, when in reality you are only losing 4.

Against Abdul Control Decks

Similar to Pandora of Dark lists, Abdul control decks tend to play many Gretel and Familiar of Holy Wind. Zero will shine against these resonators as she does in the Pandora match up. The quick-cast ability gives you the upper hand in ensuring she won’t be countered by a Xeex the Ancient Magic. Wait for your opponent to rest all of his or her magic stones, and cast Zero the next time priority passes. Your opponent wasn’t expecting a 700/500 to enter the field on their turn, before they unrest any stones!

ZeroIn a more elegant play, Zero is also an excellent solution to Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant. If your opponent declares Mephistopheles as an attacker, you can quick-cast Zero before blockers are declared. This will cause Mephistopheles to lose flying, and you are able to block with either Zero or another unrested resonator you have in play. You can do this against any flying resonator of course, but the awesome thing in this match up is that Zero’s enter ability does not target, and therefore you do not lose 500 life from Mephistopheles’s effect. Many control players will be counting on you to take 500 damage from using cards like Stoning to Death to handle Mephistopheles, but you will have a trick up your sleeve! (This is assuming Ebony Prophet is not J-Activated.)


I hope you enjoyed this card review. Make sure you try out Zero, the Magus of Null when practicing for your next big Force of Will event!


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