Card Review – Mind Reading Fox


Looking for a new card to freshen up the meta? Look no further than Mind Reading Fox, an uncommon from the newest Force of Will set The Moon Priestess Returns. Mind Reading Fox is an inexpensive option that can increase your game win percentage against some of the most popular decks in the current meta game. Let’s take a look at how this card stacks up when facing Force of Will’s toughest competitors.

Playing Against Abdul Control Decks

Abdul control decks rely on many normal spells that target for interacting with resonators. Flame of the Outer World is one of the more popular choices for Abdul players because its ability ensures the spell will fully resolve as intended. While Flame’s damage is enough to kill Fox, the spell targets, leaving Fox safe from Flame’s burning touches.

Another staple in Abdul control decks is Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind. Fiethsing is one of the only creatures that can be cast at instant speed, allowing for intricate combat scenarios. The elf’s effect is two fold: the control player can cast her at instant speed before blockers, preventing damage from a future attacker while blocking the current one. Mind Reading Fox gets around both of these instances; Fiethsing’s enter ability cannot target Fox, and Fox is large enough to kill a blocking Fiethsing without dying himself.

AbdulFadeSome Abdul decks anticipate cards that cannot be targeted and run Awakening at the End as a solution. Awakening does not target and is considered a “global effect” since it involves all resonators in play. However, Awakening only shrinks Fox’s 800 defense by 700, sustaining his life on board.

Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden is another popular control card that does not target. Cinderella also has the potential to deal enough damage to Fox, but at the expense of sacrificing 4 resonators. Yes you’ll lose your Fox, but your opponent loses 4 resonators in order to do so. This “four for one” is a play that is definitely in your favor if you choose to play Mind Reading Fox. An additional pump like Little Red, the Pure Stone makes it very difficult for Cinderella to interact with Fox.

Abdul control decks do have plenty of main board answers to Mind Reading Fox, but they mostly involve counter spells. Most Abdul lists run 4 Xeex the Ancient Magic and 2 to 4 Exceed, the Ancient Magic. Against these cards your best strategy is to continuing applying pressure to the board. Don’t hold Mind Reading Fox in your hand because you’re worried about it being countered; make your opponent have the spell. Eventually your opponent will run out of answers and the rest of your deck will be ready to provide more threats. Holding on to cards because you are anticipating counter spells simply gives your opponent control over the board at no cost to them.

Playing Against Grimm Fairy Tale Decks

GrimmFadeThe big finishers in most Grimm fairy tale decks are Hamelin’s Pied Piper and Etna, the Snow Queen. Mind Reading Fox will shine the most against these cards in Grimm since it is untargetable. It is also larger than Etna and can easily grow to match Pied Piper with a pump from something like Little Red, the Pure Stone. Speaking of size, Fox is bigger than most of the resonators in Grimm decks. Cards like The Little Prince and Tinker Bell, the Spirit can become issues late game, but early on Fox should outclass them in size.

Just like Abdul control decks, Grimm decks use Xeex as their main answer to untargetable resonators. Grimm decks are full of direct damage spells like Thunder and Flame of the Outer World that do nothing to stop Fox. Counter magic is pretty much their only option. A resolved Mind Reading Fox should provide peace of mind against any Grimm opponent.

Mind Reading Fox in Draft Format

An 800/800 resonator in draft is difficult to answer on its own, let alone an untargetable one. Mind Reading Fox is an uncommon, so it is very possible for you to see multiples in your draft pool. You will not see answers to Fox as often; almost all the targeted spot removal in draft format is printed at the common or uncommon rarity level. Your opponents may get lucky and open global spells like Awakening at the End, but it is less likely since Awakening is printed at rare (not to mention it doesn’t even kill Fox). Don’t overextend if you do end up with multiple Fox’s in your draft deck. One is a large enough threat that your opponent cannot ignore. If they do find a way to handle it, you’ll have a second lying in wait. It is unlikely that your opponent will have a second answer to this large, protected resonator.



I hope you enjoyed this card review. Please comment below if there is a card you would like me to discuss next time on Void and Moon!




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