Deck Tech – Crimson Girl in the Sky

Click below to watch our first Deck Tech video with ruler Crimson Girl in the Sky/Little Red, the True Fairy Tale. Full deck list below. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions in the box below. Enjoy!

EDIT: I state in the beginning that Little Red cannot that damage from Abdul, that is not correct. She cannot be targeted by darkness/fire spells or abilities, but she does take damage from darkness/fire sources. Sorry for the mistake!

Ruler: Crimson Girl in the Sky/Little Red, the True Fairy Tale

Main Deck Stone Deck
4 Heartless Tin Man 1 Magic Stone of Moon Shade
4 Cowardly Lion 1 Magic Stone of Moon Light
2 Oz, the Great Wizard 4 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
2 Glinda, the Fairy 4 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves
4 Tinker Bell, the Spirit
2 Duel of Truth
4 Dream of Juliet
2 Xeex the Ancient Magic
4 Thunder
2 Oz’s Magic
2 Realm of Evolution
4 Refarth, the Castle in Heaven
2 Ragnarok, the Divine Sword of Savior
2 Silver Stake

2 thoughts on “Deck Tech – Crimson Girl in the Sky

  1. Hiya! I know I checked this article/video super late but I just got into the game. I’m actually really interested in this deck but from what I’ve seen from the decks nowadays is that this deck is kinda obsolete now. How would it deal w/ burn/aggro decks? Can you put up an updated version please? Thank you!


    • You’re right, this deck is not current anymore. I made this deck when there were only a few sets out. An updated version would not change much because Fairy Tales as an archetype haven’t been expanded much since Grimm cluster. If you wanted to use Little Red as your ruler, I would consider a different class to go with her, maybe red knights with Lancelot. Not many players in the current meta have been successful using this Ruler unfortunately.


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